M Series  
Helical Monoblock Gearboxes
 13 different sizes
Torque Range50-18.000 Nm
Speed Range0,1-500 rpm
Stage Number1-6

  D Series  

Hollow Shaft Mounted Gearboxes

10 different sizes

Torque Range130-18.000 Nm
Speed Range0,1-350 rpm
Stage Number2-6

  E Series 
Worm Gearboxes

8 different sizes
Torque Range5-1.000 Nm
Speed Range0,1-400 rpm
Stage NumberOne Stage

  Y Series 
Horizontal Type Gear Unit

25 different sizes
Torque Range1200-43.000 Nm
Speed Range2,6-990 rpm
Stage Number1-4

  K Series 
Helical Bevel Gearboxes

7 different sizes
Torque Range200-15.000 Nm
Speed Range0,1-400 rpm
Stage Number3-6

  H Series 
Monoblock Horizontal Type Gear Units

14 different sizes
Torque Range2500-165.000 Nm
Speed Range0,1-250 rpm
Stage Number2-4

  B Series  

Monoblock Bevel Horizontal Type
Gear Unit

13 different sizes

Torque Range5.000-165.000 Nm
Speed Range0, 1-115 rpm
Stage Number2-4

 T Series  
Hollw Shaft Gear Unit

10 different sizes
Torque Range200-18.000 Nm
Speed Range46-280 rpm
Stage Number2

 P Series  
Planetary Gearboxs

10 different sizes
Torque Range1.000-50.000 Nm
Speed Range3,5-3000 rpm
Stage Number1-4

VR Series 
Hoist Drum Drive Units

5 different sizes

0,5-50 ton weight range for hoists

3 stages gearboxes with single and 
double speed brake motors.

Warning Lights/ Signal Lights 
We produce a diverse portfolio of xenon and LED warning/signal/stackable light products that vary in size from 50mm to 180mm in diameter. The xenon and LED filaments are used to improve the lifetime and rightness of the products.

Signal Lights & Eletric Horns/Speakers 

Excellent products that provide visual signals and audible sound.These products recently added an SDcard slot which allows users to input their own

sound suitable for their application condition.


Heavy-Duty Warning Lights/ Houns 

Products for vessels, heavy-duty, and heavy equipment requireanti-vibration, corrosion, and waterproof qualities. Qlight's products are compliant with ABS, LR, CCS, KR, CE certifications.


Explosion Proof Warning  Lights 

Explosion proof products are used in places such as offshore plants, petrochemical plants and gunpowder factories where lingering explosive gas/chemicals pose a higher risk for fire and explosion.Qlight produces products which are compliant to IECEx, ATEX, NEPSI, KGS, KOSHA standards.


Warning Light Bars 

Warning light bars require various shapes and sizes depending on the vehicle and purpose. Qlight's products can meet varying requirements due to the modular design of the light bar.  


Aviation Obstruction Lights 

Aviation obstruction lights are placed in high locations that can be costly for repair and inspection. Qlight's products use LED lights

which provide long lasting durability and are virtually maintenancefree. Qlight's products can meet the mid, low brightness and flame proof standards.


Signal Tower Lights 

Signal tower lights are often required to indicate both visual and audible signal at the same time depending on the application cases.

Qlight offers various kinds of warning lights with built-in buzzer and warning lights and electric horn configuration products with various built-in warning sounds, melodies, and alarm sounds.


USB, ETN Signal Tower Lights  

Qlight offers three types of special-controlled LED tower lights -Ethernet LED tower lights controlled and connected remotely by TCP/IP Ethernet through Internet or LAN, USB interfaced LED tower lights connected and powered by a PC’s USB port, and wireless LED tower lights controlled by a PC that can interlock up to 620 devices through wireless mesh network. All special-controlled tower lights are available with built-in buzzer type and electric horn combination type and you can choose the size of tower lights ranging from Ø45mm to Ø80mm.

Eletronic Horns/ Speakers/ Motor Sirens 

Electric horn products include 7 warning sounds, 13 melodies, and 30 MP3 sounds (via multiple channels) built-in. Products with the MP3 option allow users to input the proper sound for their working condition and environment.


Working current10A/16A
Working voltage230/400V;250V
Rated impulse voltage 4Kv
Insulation resistance≥10GΩ
Temperature range-40℃...+125℃
Flammability(UL94) V0 (UL94)     

 Chooce HA Series Products  Click more>>
Working current 16A
Working voltage      500V
Rated impulse voltage   6Kv
Insulation resistance≥10GΩ
Temperature range-40℃...+125℃
Flammability (UL94)  V0 (UL94)

Chooce HE Series Products  Click more>>
Working current  80A/16A 
Working voltage  830V/400V;250V
Rated impulse voltage   8KV/6KV
Insulation resistance≥10GΩ
Temperature range  -40℃...+125℃
Flammability(UL94)  V0 (UL94)  

Chooce HK Series Products  Click more>>
Working current35A
Working voltage     500V
Rated impulse voltage  6KV
Insulation resistance    ≥10GΩ
Temperature range  -40℃...+125℃
Flammability (UL94)  V0 (UL94)

Chooce HSB Series Products  Click more>>
  ST12 Series  

Coupling  :  Threaded coupling
Shell material   :   Zinc alloy with black nickel plating
Insert material   :  PPS max temperature 260°C
Contact material   :   Brass with gold plating
Termination   :   Solder 
Cable outer diameter range   :  5-8mm
IP rating   :   IP67
Matign cycle   :   >500
Temperature range   :   -25  +85 °C
Insulation resistance MΩ   :  2000

 SP13,21 Series  
Coupling  : Threaded coupling
Shell material : Nylon66,  fire resistance : V-0
Insert material : PPS max temperature 260°C
Contact material : Brass with gold plating
Termination : SP13:solder 
Cable outer diameter range :  I : 4-6.5mm   II : 5-8mm
IP rating : IP68
Matign cycle : >500
Temperature range : -25  +85 °C
Insulation resistance MΩ  : 2000

 SF12 Series  


Shell material   : Nylon66, fire resistance : V-0 
Contact material  : Brass with gold plating
Cable lutlet diameter   : 6, 8, 10mm
IP  rating  : IP68

 WP20 Serier 


Coupling  : Bayonet
Shell material : Nylon PA66/zinc alloy
Insert material : PPS max temperature 260°C
Contact material : Brass
Contact plating : Gold over nickel
Termination  : 7-12 contacts solder, 2-5 contacts solder / screw
Matign cycle : >500Temperature range : -25  +85 °C

 WS16-55 Series 
Coupling  :  Threaded coupling
Shell material : Zinc alloy with chrome plating
Insert material : PPS max temperature 260°C
Contact material : Brass gold plating
Termination  : Ø1-Ø3.5mm
solder,  Ø5.5-Ø10mm screw
Matign cycle : >500
Temperature range : -25  +85 °C

 WA22 Series 

Shell material   : Nylon66, fire resistance : V-0 
Contact material  : Brass with gold plating
Cable lutlet diameter   : 6, 8, 10mm
IP  rating  : IP68

Non-metallic Conduit 
: Wide range of sizes 
: Light weight 
: Easy to cut  
: High fatigue life 
: Superior IP ratings-up to IP69K 
: Slit versions available  

Conduit & Fittings 
: UK manufactured products to the highest standards
: Highest IP performance as standard
: Highest tensile strength performance fittings-FPA
   and FPAX due to all round teeth design
: Simple construction for ease of installation-
    Fixed and Swivel versions
Metallic Conduit 
: High compression strength 
: High pull off strength 
: Wide temperature tolerances 
: High impact strength 
: EMC screening performance 
: High IP rating - up to IP69K  

 Conduit & Fittings 
: UK manufactured products to the highest
: Highest IP performance for liquid tight fittings as
: Highest tensile strength performance fittings
: Vibration tested for secure installations

General Purpose 
: Economical and Easy to Install
: Cut and Abrasion Resistant
: Expands up to 150%
: Halogen Free
: Resists Gasoline, Engine Chemicals and Cleangin
: FMVSS 302 Approved
Heavy Duty 
: 950 Cycles*
: Braided from 15 mil PET Monofilament
 : Extreme Abrasion & Cut Resistance
 : UV Resistant
 : Resists Gasoline, Solvents, Salt Water and Chemicals
 : Temp. Range -94°F to 257°F, Melt Temp. 482°F
Metal/ Shielding 
: Virtually Indestructible 304 Stainless Steel
: Won't Discolor or Rust
: Easy to Install 
: Cuts with Shears or Serrated Scissors
: Resists Abrasion, Chemicals and UV
: Improves Burst Strength of Hoses
Advanced Engineering 
: VW-1, Mil-202, FAR 25 Approved
: Cut and Abrasion Resistant
: Halogen Free
: Resists Gasoline and Engine Chemicals
: Temperature Range -94°F to 257°F
: Melt Temp. 482°F
Extreme Temperature 
: Stable to 500°F
: Cut and Abrasion Resistant
: Halogen Free
: Resists Gasoline and Engine Chemicals
: Extra Thick Braid & Heavy Coating for Critical
   Aerospace Applications
: Economical and Easy to Install
: Cut and Abrasion Resistant
: Halogen Free
: Resists Gasoline and Engine Chemicals
: Ideal for Exposed Applications
: Conductive Mylar for Shielding Applications

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