Products Non-metallic Conduit

Construction : Light weight nylon (PA6) corrugated flexible conduit. Colour black or grey. Typical Aplications : Machines where lower mechanical prtection is required and buildings. 

Construction : Standard weight, flame retardant nylon (PA6) corrugated flexible conduit. Color black or grey (RAL 7031). Orange available on request.* Typical Aplications : All types of machinery, public buildings.

Construction : Standard weight, upvc, corrugated pliable conduitl Colour black, grey (RAL 7045) or white.  Typical Aplications : Static connections in bluldings.

Construction : Smooth bore, helically formed pvc, flexible conduit with spiral upvc reinforcement and flexible pvc jacket. Colour black or grey (RAL 7001).  Typical Aplications : Roputing of cables within machines.

Construction : Standard weight polypropylene, flexible conduit. Colour black, grey (RAL 7031) or white.  Typical Aplications : Buildings, particularly whereburied in concrete or plaster.